Jamie has worked for the City of Bathurst since 2002 and was Director of Human Resources for the last several years.  Prior to this he worked in software research and development in the IT sector.  He was recently promoted to the position of Executive Director of Citizen Services, an honour he credits to the training on Lean Six Sigma provided by the City of Fredericton.

In 2016, he received his certification in Human Resources Management from University of New Brunswick / NBCC and obtained the CPHRNB President’s Award of Excellence for being recognized as a Human Resources Leader in New Brunswick.

Jamie believes strongly that through cooperating with our neighboring regions we can all grow and help each other.  His interest in LSS developed while trying to find efficiencies instead of conducting layoffs in order to help balance the corporate budget year after year and sees LSS as a method to ensure job security for the employees of the City of Bathurst.