Louise McDonald is an experienced facilitator with a focus on tailoring service delivery to meet client needs. She is a Senior Quality Advisor within the Administration of the House of Commons with a Lean Master’s Certificate. Responsible for leading Lean continuous improvement exercises, Louise also coaches and mentors’ practitioners both within and outside the organization. Additionally, in this role, Louise developed guidelines on how to implement service standards and works with managers to successfully launch and track progress against the standards. She has previous experience in presenting on the Lean journey.

Prior to joining the House of Commons Administration, Louise was the Benchmarking Coordinator at Carleton University. She was responsible for implementing a methodology for best practices benchmarking which was the process improvement approach for the organization to improve university services. At Carleton, she trained and led teams on numerous benchmarking and process improvement projects. In 2004, she helped establish the Office of Quality Initiatives. Louise has presented on the topic of benchmarking at several quality focused conferences, including two international conferences.