Ross Homeniuk, Director, Global Infrastructure Advisory, KPMG, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Photo - Ross Homeniuk

Ross is a Director with KPMG’s Global Infrastructure Advisory, and leads its Canadian Asset Management practice. Working with government, utility and private sector clients, he integrates business and technical principals with best practice and support technologies to strengthen asset management practice and improve the consistency and defensibility of infrastructure plans and management strategies.

Ross has over 20 years of wide ranging national and international experience in asset management program planning and implementation, strategy and policy development, organizational strengthening and process improvement, and the application of levels of service, lifecycle analysis and risk-based planning and decision making techniques to extend asset life and enhance service delivery.

Ross is an active member of the infrastructure asset management community, and advocates for responsible infrastructure management through committee involvement, industry membership and conference participation. He is a Board Member of the Canadian Network of Asset Managers, a member of the IAM Canada Executive Committee, and a contributor to several industry publications and groups.  Ross is a Registered Professional Engineer in Alberta, Manitoba and Ontario and has a B.Sc. in Civil Engineering and Masters of Business Administration degree.