Gary Anaka is the top Brain-based Learning Facilitator in BC today.  He is a learning assistance specialist with over 34 years of teaching experience in the regular classroom.  He is a study skills expert, a brain gymnastics coach and has been presenting keynotes and workshops in the new field of Applied Educational Neuroscience since 1997.  Gary has presented motivational workshops to tens of thousands of educators, parents, students, professionals and the general public.  His sessions offer genuine practical help for everyone.  He believes in wellness through education to support healthy living for people of all ages.  He is well-known for his high energy, fun and totally engaging sessions.  Gary is the author of two books: Your Magical Brain How It Learns Best – a resource book for teachers and parents and Brain Wellness The Secrets for Longevity –  a practical resource book on how to prevent cognitive decline.  The scope of his work can be viewed at